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AerNos and Findability Sciences Collaborate to make Personal Air Quality Data Actionable
AerNos Findability Sciences Sensor Data Artificial Intelligence

Agreement Paves Way for Health and Wellness Applications Delivered by Combining Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics from Air Quality Data Captured by Nano Gas Sensors

Findability platform® architecture and framework will integrate AerNos Multi Sensor Delivery PlatformTM (AX-MSDP) gas data along with consumer health profiles and data from other sources to provide specific individualized actionable content.
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3M | Medtronic | Scienion Tech Forum Biosciences

3M Medtronics Scission

3M, Medtronic & Scission Biosciences Chapter - Enabling Technologies for Medical Device Development Forum

AerNos CEO, Sundip Doshi presents at the Tech Forum describes how AerNos formulated configurations of hybrid nanomaterial structures — to create a tiny, highly sensitive, low-power MEMS gas sensors that can detect multiple gases simultaneously to the parts-per-billion.
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AerNos Announces AerCNT Nano Gas Sensor Technology

AerCNT technology enables tiny, accurate, low power and affordable gas sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The AerNos AerCNT Technology can be used for a variety of applications including environmental air quality monitoring, medical research, healthcare applications, food spoilage and safety, industrial safety and homeland security,” said Sundip R. Doshi, CEO of AerNos.
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