About AerNos

AerNos, Inc. was founded in San Diego, California in 2016 with the goal of transforming gas sensing to improve human health and safety and the environment. AerNos develops game-changing nano gas sensors able to detect multiple harmful gases in the air at parts-per-billion levels. Our sensors are tiny, accurate, use low power, and are affordable. AerNos nano gas sensors enable consumers to reduce or avoid exposures to harmful gases and the health impact that comes with exposure.

We are a B2B company. AerNos application-specific nano gas sensor modules are designed for integration into existing product lines in the Smart Home, Smart City, Wearable, Transportation, Industrial, Medical Research, Security & Emergency Response, and Food Safety & Spoilage markets. Our nano gas sensor modules deliver complete processing and results for plug-and-play integration into standalone monitoring devices, non-stationary devices, modes of transportation, wearables, smartphones and IoT devices.

AerNos nano gas sensors detect multiple gases simultaneously to the parts-per-billion for air quality monitoring, harmful gas detection and other e-nose applications. Tiny, accurate, affordable and low power, AerNos application specific systems deliver complete processing and results for plug-and-play integration into consumer and commercial product lines.

AerNos leveraged advances in nano technology innovation to develop our proprietary AerN2S Technology, which combines nanomaterials created with multi-layer hybrid nanostructures, materials science, nanoengineering, data science and predictive analysis. Nanomaterial doping processes are used to create nanostructures where shape, size, density and location of nanomaterials are fabricated with precision. Sensor arrays with unique material combinations and molecular formulations enable the simultaneous detection of multiple targeted gases. Specific combinations of the hybrid nanomaterial structures enable selectivity and sensitivity of gases to parts-per-billion (ppb) levels.

AerNos is based in San Diego, CA, with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan.

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