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Gas Sensor


AerNos AerIoT is an IoT enabled nano gas sensor product for monitoring air pollutants, volatile  organic compounds (VOCs), infrastructure gas leaks and other hazardous gases. It is designed to be integrated into third party IoT connected devices (air purifiers, HVAC, smart speakers, security systems, cars, streetlights, etc.).

AerIoT is designed for Smart Home, Smart City and other IoT connected deployments where a network of sensors is needed to generate hyper-local, granular, minute-byminute data to protect human health and safety. AerIoT is a customizable product base on application specific gases and other requirements.

Gas Detector


AerBand is a wearable or clippable product designed to monitor air pollutants to parts-per-billion levels for universities, institutions and organizations conducting research related to air pollution and human health. AerBand monitors the air subjects are breathing in real time, 24/7.

AerBand is customizable, enabling researchers to target specific gases (e.g., Ozone, Formaldehyde, Nitrogen Oxides, etc.). Features include an end-user app for Android or IOS, ppb level detection, activity monitoring and organizational access to data via the AerBand Data Cloud Auto API.

Gas Monitor


AerNos SmartAer is a complete air quality monitoring solution for Smart Cities, commercial and industrial sites and schools. Plugand-play ready, SmartAer integrates AerIoT to provide an affordable, scalable air quality gas monitoring solution where granular,  minute-by-minute data is needed for decision making.

Configurable for specific applications, SmartAer includes wired, wireless and cellular  communication, supports ethernet IoT connectivity, includes brackets for vertical or horizontal installation on poles and walls and integrates with IoT platforms, customer cloud systems and AerNos’s cloud data platform.

Gas Sensor


AerSIP is a 5mm x 5mm System-In-Package (SIP) component incorporating AerNos multi-gas sensing nanotechnology, microprocessor, algorithm and communications for plug-and-play integration into third party IoT devices, wearable and mobile products for real-time, actionable data to improve human health and safety.

AerSIP is designed for high-volume applications (1 million +) and is customizable to meet the needs of our B2B customers. AerSIP combines our 3mm x 3mm MEMS multi-gas sensor and a mixed-signal CMOS-ASIC in a packaged solution.


AerNos has a wide range of gas detection capabilities and our engagement model is to configure gas detections and detection ranges and resolutions based on your application need.  

Our nano-gas sensor modules can be single gas or multi-gas sensor modules.   Following is a sample listing of some of our gas detection capabilities.  To learn more about a specific gas that is not listed below, or to learn more, please contact AerNos sales

Sample Gas Detection Capabilities

ppb levels

ppb levels

ppb-ppm levels

ppm level

Nitrogen Dioxide
ppb levels

Sulfur Dioxide
ppb levels

Hydrogen Sulfide
ppb levels

ppm level

ppm levels

ppm levels

Methyl Mercapt
ppb levels

ppb-ppm level

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