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Development Kit

Easy to use kit to get started with air sensing solutions from AerNos.  Perfect for system Integrators, product designers and engineers interested in integrating gas sensing solutions into your product lines.



The development kit comes with:

  • One AerIoT sensor module
  • Necessary cables
  • UART connector to AerIoT
  • AerNos AerEval Software – This software was created so that you can test and validate the AerIoT for performance and reliability without any additional programming.
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for those of you who would like to directly control AerIoT from your application.
  • 90 days of email support and a one-hour consultation with one of our technical program managers to discuss your project and provide consulting services.

Single Gas Options

SKUNameData SheetDescriptionTagsPrice
ANNH30A1SE-DKAerNos AerIot Development Kit – Ammonia (NH3)

Download PDF

Detection: 1ppm to 20ppm with 100ppb resolution. Ships: 14 days from date of order.

$10,000.00 $8,500.00
ANOZ210AS1E-DKAerNos AerIoT Development Kit – Ozone (03)

Download PDF

Detection: 1ppb to 500ppb with 1ppb resolution.
Ships: 7 days from date of order.

$10,000.00 $8,500.00

Multi Gas Options

Coming Soon

Check back for updates

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