Smart Air Sensing

Game Changing Nano Gas Sensors

Multi-gas sensor modules for integration into Smart IoT devices – providing
actionable data to improve health and safety.



We take 20,000 breaths every day.

Do you know what’s in the air you’re breathing?

Harmful gases in the environment can negatively impact our health – indoor and outdoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides and ozone.

Smart Air Sensing –
A Paradigm Shift


Air quality sensors today are big, expensive and most likely miles away. They are not in the devices around you – which is why you don’t know what’s in the air.

We are disrupting air quality monitoring with miniaturized yet powerful gas sensors that embed into the Smart IoT devices around you – for granular sensing and real-time actionable data.

Advances in Nanotechnology

AerNos scientists and engineers have achieved
breakthroughs in molecular level formulation, nanoengineering, data science and manufacturing – resulting in our game-changing multi-gas sensor:

❖ Detects Multiple Gases Simultaneously
❖ Sensitive to Parts Per Billion (ppb)
❖ Low Power
❖ Self-Calibrating
❖ Affordable
❖ Tiny Sensor Arrays
❖ Complete Sensor Module


AerNos multi-gas sensor modules are complete sensor systems designed
for plug-and-play integration into your Smart products.


Target gases for your application

Our nano gas sensors detect multiple target gases simultaneously, enabling breakthrough applications for our B2B customers.

Miniaturized form factor

Proprietary AerN2S technology enables tiny form factor (3x2mm2 MEMS sensor) and low power, ppb sensitivity and real-time absolute sensing.

Plug-and-play integration

Complete processing and results enable streamlined integration into Smart IoT devices. Real-time sensing data is available at the product or cloud level.

Customer Engagement

AerNos is partnering with Fortune 100 companies and other industry leaders to revolutionize air quality monitoring in homes, commercial buildings, transportation and cities.


AerNos nano gas sensors are developed as a sensing platform, enabling customers to target multiple gases to address specific applications.


AerNos works closely with customers to configure our sensor modules to maximize sensor performance for specific applications in specific environments.


Each application goes through a prototype phase where products and accuracy are validated.



AerNos proprietary microfabrication techniques coupled with a global network of worldwide partners enables high volume mass production our nano gas sensors.


Upon deployment, rich analytics, machine learning, data homogenization and predicative modeling cloud-based systems provide insights for actionable intelligence. Sensing data is available at both the product and cloud level.