AerBand Research for Ozone (O3)

$762.00 $562.00

For quantities of 10 or more, please contact us

* AerBand Research is sold with annual data subscription plans.   All subscriptions are for a minimum of one (1) year.  All orders will immediately be charged for the unit price plus the first year of AerNos Cloud Data Access Services payment.   Any standard and normal use of the product (as described in the user guide) resulting in a malfunction or any defective AerBand Research units will be exchanged at no additional cost.   Your AerBand Research may be upgraded to additional gas detection capabilities. Please contact AerNos for more information relating to upgrading your unit. By clicking on the purchase button, you agree to the unit price plus AerNos Cloud Data Services subscription for a period of 1 year. By clicking on the Purchase button, you hereby also agree to our privacy policy, terms of use and data privacy statement

AerBand Supports both Android and IOS devices. Some features may not be  available on all devices. AerBand Research is for Research Based organizations, educational institutions and qualified government agencies or departments only.  It is not meant to be a consumer product or it is not meant for commercial use at this time.  All sales are final.  AerNos retains the right to refuse sales to any organization that is not a qualified research organization, institution or government agency.   For more information, please contact us

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