AerNos sensor modules can be configured to detect indoor air pollutants such as Formaldehyde, NO2, Ozone and others at PPB levels. Customers are using our sensors in a range of applications including:

home HVAC
home Air Purification Systems
home Smart Assistant Devices
home Thermostats
home Appliances
home Electrical Outlets
home Lighting Fixtures
SMART CITY AerNos sensor modules are configurable for Smart City applications including air quality monitoring, climate gases and infrastructure leaks. AerNos plug and play sensor modules provide customers with granular, real-time data at the product and cloud levels. Applications include:

location_city Smart street lights
location_city Smart parking meters
location_cityCellular infrastructure
location_cityPublic/private buildings
location_cityPublic transportation
TRANSPORTATION AerNos sensor modules enable in-cabin air quality monitoring and other e-nose applications for smart automobiles, public transport, airports and transit stations.
Applications include:

directions_car In-cabin air quality monitoring
directions_car Air purification systems
directions_car Smart ventilation
directions_car Driver safety
FOOD SAFETY Smart nano gas sensors providing granular real-time data will help industry, consumers and regulatorsmonitor food safety, spoilage and freshness. Parts-per-billion (PPB) level detection of targetgases enables a range of applications including:

restaurant Detection of pesticide residues
restaurant Seafood/meat spoilage monitoring
restaurant Supply chain monitoring
restaurant Smart refrigerators/storage
restaurant Food waste reduction