Hyperlocal and Personal Air Monitoring from Networks of Sensors Promise Huge Gains in Data Relevance, Awareness, and Human Health

San Diego — (January 7, 2020) – AerNos is using CES 2020 as a platform to demonstrate the power of nano gas sensor networks to provide actionable, granular minute-by-minute air pollution information to consumers. Throughout CES 2020, data will be shown from multiple Ozone monitoring stations in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, along with Ozone data from nearby EPA stations, illustrating the both the quality and consistency of AerNos nano gas sensors and the importance of hyperlocal air quality data to consumers.

According to the EPA and World Health Organization, air pollution is a major source of illness and disease. Today, consumers lack the information they need to assess the risks from, and to reduce exposure to, air pollutants. This is due to the small number of air quality monitoring stations, which are typically miles away from consumers. Traditional air quality monitoring stations are large and costly to set up and maintain. Air quality monitoring stations also only measure outdoor pollutants, missing a major source of exposure, according to the EPA.

Small, affordable, sensitive (to parts-per-billion levels) and low power, AerNos nano gas sensors are a game changer for hyperlocal, granular sensing. AerNos is a b2b company providing multi-gas sensor modules for integration into Smart Home, Smart City, wearable, mobile and other IoT devices. The CES 2020 Ozone monitoring demonstration illustrates the future of air quality monitoring when even the smallest Smart devices will utilize multi-gas sensors to automate cleansing, ventilation and reporting and when consumers will know what’s in the air they are breathing.

“This is a huge year at CES for us and we are incredibly excited and proud to be showing live data from this demonstration throughout the show,” said Sundip R. Doshi, founder and CEO of AerNos. “The data you see coming from our network of sensors paints a picture of a brighter future for air quality monitoring and human health and safety.”

AerNos nano gas sensor products utilize a tiny sensor array to detect multiple gases simultaneously to parts per billion (ppb) levels for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, hazardous gas detection and other e-nose applications. Designed for high volume manufacturing, AerNos nano gas sensors address the need for reliable, accurate and application specific gas sensors for the more than 50 billion connected devices worldwide expected by 2020.

AerNos CEO, Sundip R. Doshi will be a panelist on the Smart Home Session: Can Smart Homes Improve Our Health
Wednesday, January 8 from 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m., Venetian, Level 4, Marcello 4406.

AerNos will exhibit at CES 2020 at the Sands Expo Booth 42137, January 7-10 in Las Vegas.

The AerNos sensor module will be on display in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES 2020 as well as in the AerNos booth 42137 in the Sands Expo. To learn about AerNos at CES or to schedule a meeting during CES 2020 visit AerNos at CES.

About AerNos
AerNos, Inc. develops application-specific nano gas sensors based on its breakthrough and proprietary AerN2S™ Technology to detect harmful gases in the environment. AerNos nano gas sensors are designed to be easily integrated into consumer and commercial product lines, such as standalone monitoring devices, non-stationary devices (e.g., drones, industrial robots, construction equipment), modes of transportation, wearables, smartphones, and IoT. AerNos is the recipient of the 2018 Global Gas Sensors Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan. AerHome™, AerBand™, AerCity™, AerHome™, and AerNos™ are trademarks of AerNos, Inc. For more information, please visit www.AerNos.com. You may also contact us at media@AerNos.com.

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