Size, Cost, Ease of Use to Enable Sensor Networks and Granular Data

San Diego, California — (December 20, 2018) – AerNos an innovator in nano gas sensors, is introducing SmartAer, a plug-and-play air quality monitoring solution designed for Smart Cities, industrial sites, schools and other commercial uses at CES 2019. SmartAer enables customers to quickly and easily deploy networks of monitoring stations where hyper-local, granular, minute-by-minute data is needed for informed decision making.

Leveraging AerNos’ advances in nanotechnology-based gas sensing, SmartAer capabilities include detecting multiple indoor and outdoor gases simultaneously, parts-per-billion level sensitivity, absolute vs. relative sensing and self-calibration. Roughly the size of a paperback novel, SmartAer installs on poles or walls utilizing a bracket system. After installation customers simply plug in (to power) and log in (to dashboard) to begin monitoring indoor and outdoor air pollutants or targeted hazardous gases in industrial settings.

According to the World Health Organization, indoor and outdoor air pollution is a major contributor to disease and death worldwide. Air pollution can aggravate medical conditions and long-term exposure is linked to cancers, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pre-term births, ADHD, autism, and other diseases. City and government officials are looking for Smart City solutions that improve air quality. And health professionals and the public want information to prevent exposure and disease.

“Our technology helps reduce exposure to dangerous pollutants and gases which can directly improve public health and quality of life,” said Sundip R. Doshi, founder and CEO of AerNos. “By making large networks of monitoring stations possible, SmartAer will revolutionize how we manage air quality and hazardous gases in Smart Cities, commercial, industrial and other settings.”

SmartAer features:
• Measures gases and VOCs (e.g. N02, Ozone, SO2, CO, Formaldehyde, indoor VOCs), particulate matter (PM 2.5 and 10), temperature, humidity, pressure
• Wired, wireless and cellular communication for actionable real-time monitoring
• Easy integration with streetlights and other IoT infrastructure
• Complete processing and detection results at product and cloud level
• Integrates with customer cloud system or AerNos cloud data platform

SmartAer will be available in multiple gas configurations for purchase or on a subscription basis. To learn about AerNos at CES or to schedule a meeting during CES 2019 visit AerNos at CES.

AerNos will exhibit at CES 2019 at the Sands Expo Booth 42349, January 8-11 in Las Vegas.

About AerNos
AerNos, Inc. develops application-specific nano gas sensors based on its breakthrough and proprietary AerN2S™ Technology to detect harmful gases in the environment. AerNos nano gas sensors are designed to be easily integrated into consumer and commercial product lines, such as standalone monitoring devices, non-stationary devices (e.g., drones, industrial robots, construction equipment), modes of transportation, wearables, smartphones, and IoT. AerNos is the recipient of the 2018 Global Gas Sensors Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan. AerHome™, AerBand™, AerCity™, AerHome™, and AerNos™ are trademarks of AerNos, Inc. For more information, please visit You may also contact us at