The tsunami of smart city initiatives is being felt across the world. But is your city riding the wave or is it at risk of being crushed!

The foundations of smart city initiative are to improve quality of life, drive an innovative economy and create a sustainable environment for all. You hear about Singapore, Copenhagen, Seoul, London, Helsinki and Barcelona as top smart cities in the world spending millions, if not billions, to improve the lives of their citizens. They are most definitely investing in the future while already seeing benefits today!

According to Frost & Sullivan, the global smart cities market is projected to reach US$1.56 trillion by 2020. Experts have come up with “smart” indicators in Environment, Security, Economy, Transportation, Education, & Healthy Living to designate a city as “smart.”

But what about your city? Is your city implementing any of the following initiatives?

  1. Sensors connected via fiber optic cables which sense the city and deliver real-time information to everyone – from traffic to available parking spaces to air quality and pollution conditions to security related hot spots.
  2. Ubiquitous public Wi-Fi and use of Technology. Transparent and open data supported by real-time citizen use applications to efficiently communicate with city hall, city services, public safety, and local businesses.
  3. Going Green & Sustainability – from smart street lights to green buildings to renewable energy to green spaces to charging stations to public transportation sharing.

The Role of Sensors

Smart city initiatives rely heavily on the network infrastructure of Internet of Things (IoT) and assets that are smart. In addition, smart sensors such as image, infrared, thermal, light, sound, heat, humidity, motion, gunshot, vibration, air quality and air pollution sensors play a critical role in capturing data. Ultimately, its about data and using predictive analytics to make better choices.

Just how smart is your city? A, B, C or a Big Fail?

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City officials are paying attention and may just do something about it. If you are a city official, let us know what you are doing and how we, the business community and the public can help. After all, the city belongs to all of us and we should all care.